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Winchester Model 1897 In First Year Rare Solid Frame Pigeon Grade Shotgun


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This Winchester was produced in 1897. The 12 gauge Shotgun’s serial number is 34182. This makes this shotgun one of the earliest 1897 shotguns produced let alone a Pigeon Grade! The serial numbers overlap at this time for the 1893 and 1897 shotguns. This very early transitional Pigeon Grade has some 1893 parts. The shell ejector is the 1893 style. There is some 1893 parts in the carrier block. It also has a set screw for the sear which was seen on 1893 shotguns. This gun is fitted with a 28 inch full choke barrel. This barrel has the seldom seen three flat matted barrel. The muzzle and breech surface is engraved. This is a solid frame shotgun.