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Kel-Tec RFB


The RFB Carbine model with EOTech 512 holographic weapon sight attached
Type Semi-automatic rifle
Place of origin United States
Production history
Designer George Kellgren
Designed 2003
Manufacturer Kel-Tec
Produced 2008–present
Variants Carbine, sporter, target
Mass 8.1 lb (3.7 kg) w. 18 in (460 mm) barrel (Carbine)
8.7 lb (3.9 kg) w. 24 in (610 mm) barrel (Sporter)
11.3 lb (5.1 kg) w. 32 in (810 mm) barrel (Target)
Length 26 in (660 mm) (Carbine)
32 in (810 mm) (Sporter)
40 in (1,000 mm) (Target)
Barrel length 18 in (460 mm) (Carbine)
24 in (610 mm) (Sporter)
32 in (810 mm) (Target)

Cartridge 7.62×51mm NATO
Caliber 7.62mm
Action Gas-operated piston, tilting breechblock
Rate of fire Semi-automatic
Muzzle velocity 2,900 ft/s (880 m/s)
Effective firing range 500 m (550 yd)
Feed system 10 or 20-round metric FAL detachable box magazines
Sights None

The Kel-Tec RFB (Rifle, Forward-ejection, Bullpup) is a gas-operated bullpup type semi-automatic rifle, manufactured by Kel-Tec Industries of Florida. At the 2008 SHOT Show held from February 2 to 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada it was declared by Kel-Tec representatives that the RFB rifle would be made available to the public by the 4th quarter of 2008. Later, the Kel-Tec website stated that the 18 in (460 mm) barrel carbine variant would not be shipping until February 2009 due to a change in the production process intended as preventive measures against potential gun control legislation. The rifle first shipped to distributors in the first week of March 2009 and was first seen at the 2007 SHOT Show.

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