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1927 ex-dragoon Russian Mosin-Nagant 91/30 PU Sniper Rifle 7.62x54mm




The 3-line rifle Model of 1891, colloquially known in the U.S. as the Mosin-Nagant, is is a five-shot, bolt action, internal magazine fed, military rifle developed in 1891 by the Imperial Russian Empire. This rifle was manufactured in three different models the standard 1891, the Dragoon (for mounted infantry/Cossack for cavalry) and an 1891 carbine for rear echelon troops. The dragoon pattern continued production into the Soviet era and received updates in 1930 to become the Model of 91/30 the most common Mosin-Nagant rifle encountered in the U.S. collectors market. This rifle is a late pattern Dragoon rifle manufactured by Izhevsk Ordnance Factory in 1927. It, like many pre-World War Two rifles, was updated to the 91/30 specifications during WW2 and was then equiped with a scope and became a sniper variant. This rifle is all matching with its original bolt, which is rare for Mosin-Nagant rifles. The bore has strong rifling and the action works smooth. The scope is original with an original mount, but the base is a post war reproduction. If your in the market for an original Russian PU Sniper this would be a very special canadate because of its rare early pre-91/30 production and would be a perfect addition to any collection.